Born a Cow - Song Liner Notes
Born a Cow 
The title song is about being in love with an evil and poisonous person, and the vain hopes of changing this person into someone good, and the love into something healthy. It's about the confusion, whether to detach from this person or to accept the pain and problems. The word 'cow' is used in the female derogatory sense, implying the person is 'born evil' and will never change. 

Half Your Life
Half Your Life is an emotional song about two flunked students who have become rent boys. Mutual bad experiences lead to a 'you and me against the world' relationship. The song is in praise of close friendship and having someone to help you through traumatic experiences. 

Surviving the Dreams 
The song is about an imaginary girl, when I was living a promiscuous life and never having a steady partner. A fantasy 'true love' which was at the same time beautiful and terrible, because it was just a figment of the imagination. Despite feelings of loneliness and self-deprecation the song ends in hope for the future.  

Come to the Other Side
About a relationship with a person struggling with mental illness. The opening phrases refer to the person’s schizo-paranoid delusions. The song is a mixture of beautiful memories and bitterness about the other's hopeless condition, and his incapacity to build a stable life and relationships. 

The Miracle Child 
This is the only instrumental on the album. The main theme melody was composed with a picture of football legend Pele lying on the piano keys. The happy and energetic vibe of the song is a tribute to his humbleness, positive charisma and dazzling playing style. 

A Rose Shattered
This is a new version of the song I released in 2019 as Syrenomelia. It's about a destructive relationship between a mother and her daughter, leading to psychological torture, insanity, self-harm and loose morals. It is based on what a friend told me about her mother. 

Matthew 16:26
Matthew 16:26 is related to 'Half Your Life', dealing with bdsm prostitution and being the victim of rape. And about the strong bond between two people who are in the same boat. The title of Matthew refers to the bible verse: “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul?”. The quote relates to the vibes in the lyrics of feeling soulless. 

Heaven in Your Hands
About an emotional vampire, and the struggle to cut the connection. The meaning of the title is that you have your life and your happiness in your own hands, but that some people create their own personal hell. 
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