Euphemia Rise is a Belgian alternative rock project, founded in 2020. Born from the feeling that today’s indie rock is too much about playing it safe, the intention of Euphemia Rise is exactly the opposite: to take risks and be unusual, finding liberation from the genre stereotypes, and create alternative rock that is raw, personal and full of sharp edges.
Debut album 'Born a Cow'
Born a Cow is Euphemia Rise's debut album, comprising eight songs about the seamy sides of life. The tracks are all quite short and without elaborate instrumentals. I wanted the songwriting, lyrics and emotion to be paramount. The songs are about sensitive souls coping with the world around them, being (sexually) different and facing people's judgments - but also venture into darker subjects such as drug prostitution, sadomasochism, rape.. Nevertheless, the tone is never negative. I wanted the lyrics to be candid, shameless and dark, but in a way that would make people feel good about themselves, and provide comfort and self-acceptance. ​​​​​​​

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"Candid, shameless, and strangely accepting, Euphemia Rise's debut album revels in the darkness that we all fight, reaching out and letting us know that no matter how unassailable our situation might seem, we’re not alone."
Broken 8 Records
"Born a Cow tells tales about rent boys, drugs, prostitution, sadomasochism, and rape. Most people look away from those subjects, but Lankriet exposes them, using a mix of metal, psychedelic and gothic rock."
Here Comes The Flood

Mainly inspired by artists such as True Widow, Emma Ruth Rundle and King Woman, Euphemia Rise's twisted love songs come in a distinctive style that blends grunge, hard rock and postmodern pop. Characterised by a combination of guitars and electronics, layered vocals and spacey synths, Euphemia Rise’s short songs explore the dark sides of human relations, with bold and emotive lyrics. 
Founded in 2020 by Brussels-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Wim Lankriet, Euphemia Rise released a first single 'Farewell to Greatness' in September 2020. This was followed in December by the Pink Floyd cover 'Cirrus Minor'. After this Lankriet devoted himself to recording the first full length album 'Born a Cow', which was released on 8 September 2021. 
Wim Lankriet is a Belgian songwriter, guitarist, vocalist and keyboard player. His signature sound is forged by merging classic songwriting with more unconventional elements. Between 2009-2013 he was the brain behind the psychedelic rock project Magdalena Solis, which released two albums and played at the 2013 Roadburn Festival.
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