Euphemia Rise was born from the feeling that today’s alternative rock is too much about playing it safe and avoiding risks. The intention of the project is to do exactly the opposite: to find liberation from music industry stereotypes and templates, to bring back the strangeness in alternative rock, and to create music that sounds unusual and authentic.
Debut EP
‘Farewell to Greatness' is Euphemia Rise’s self-released debut EP. It features two tracks, the original title track Farewell to Greatness, and a cover of Pink Floyd’s ‘Cirrus Minor’.
'Farewell to Greatness' is inspired by memories of teenage years and student life. It's a song about seeking sexual identity, about the feeling of not fitting in. About finding your way in life, finding soulmates, people who accept you for what you are.
The second track 'Cirrus Minor' is a Pink Floyd cover, a darkly psychedelic folk track from the 'More' soundtrack. Our version is quite true to the original, with personal touches via the use of piano, and an electronic remake of the cosmic organ finale.
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"A dark piece of indie / art rock, unchaining noisy sounds with psychedelic vibes which every post-adolescent will gladly embrace."
Luminous Dash
"A melancholic powerhouse of a tune, full to the brim with layered vocals singing brooding lyrics, roaring guitars, piercing synths." 
WHPK Radio 

"Euphemia Rise weave together analog synths, electronic percussion and atmospheric guitars into a dark and dramatic sound. The effect is a modern twist on the moody vibe originally perfected by legendary artists such as Depeche Mode and Bauhaus."
The Static Dive
Inspired by artists such as Chelsea Wolfe, Bobby BeauSoleil and dEUS, Euphemia Rise's dark twisted love songs come in a unique style that blends alternative rock with influences from atmospheric, psychedelic and experimental music, mixing loud guitars with more delicate arty elements. 
Formed in 2020 by Brussels-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Wim Lankriet, Euphemia Rise released the debut single “Farewell to Greatness” in September 2020. This was followed in December by the Pink Floyd cover 'Cirrus Minor'.
Euphemia Rise’s short songs are characterised by a combination of guitars and electronics, layered vocals, delicate keys and atmospheric arrangements. Lyrics deal mostly with uncanny psychology and deviant sexuality, but also seek hope and light, via more dreamy elements and irony. 
Wim Lankriet is a Belgian songwriter, guitarist, vocalist and keyboard player. His signature sound is created by mixing songwriting with influences from cinematic and experimental music. 
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Wim Lankriet: music and words, vocals, guitars, bass, keys, electronics

Chelsea Wolfe, Bobby Beausoleil, Anna von Hausswolff, Dominic Scherrer, Air, dEUS, True Widow.

alternative rock, experimental rock, atmospheric, post-grunge, electronic rock, psychedelic, shoegaze, belgium, brussels
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