Interview Semiramis
In November I had a Skype interview scheduled with a Kansas radio station. The day before I did a Skype rehearsal interview with Luca Forest-Fiore of Semiramis

The next day the scheduled interview didn't go through due to connection problems. But here below you can enjoy a transcript of the Semiramis 'rehearsal'.
Can you tell me something about yourself, your history as a musician, and how this project started? 

My name is Wim Lankriet, I’m a songwriter. I play guitars, keyboards, vocals. I’m based in Brussels, Belgium.Between 2009-13 I did a solo psychedelic rock project called Magdalena Solis, I released two albums and played live too, notably at the Roadburn Festival in Holland. After that I felt like something new and different, so I spent some years making more cinematic music, piano-based, under the name Syrenomelia. But then in 2019 I released an ep that was a return to rock and songwriting. I received positive feedback but also felt friction, people who thought it was a too drastic change. So I decided it would be better to continue under a new name, and Euphemia Rise was born. 

What kind of music do you make?
I like to call what I do 'art rock'. Which is alternative rock mixed with influences from cinematic and experimental music. I love to do all kinds of weird experiments but within a songwriting framework. It's all about breaking the rules in order to find new horizons, and bring a different and more free kind of alternative rock than we have known the last 10-15 years.
Your lyrics are quite striking, dark and brooding. What inspires you to write them? 
Lyrics are very important to me. I have always loved lyrics and literature about sensitive souls, struggling with the world around. Lyrics that are about being different. As a teenager I loved the lyrics of Placebo, Suede, Morrissey. These artists became like an amulet, something that would protect me against the conservative people. So I always wanted to write similar lyrics, songs that would make people feel better about themselves. It's really important to me, whenever someone reacts positively to lyrics I posted, it really makes my day.

Your single 'Farewell to Greatness', what is the song about? 
It is a song inspired by memories of my teenage years and life as a student. It’s about the troubles of a wild life, drug use, bisexuality coming out. Now I have a more stable and calm existence. But I tried to keep a part of the teenage angst in the song lyrics, in my lyrics in general, because it's something emotionally strong, something beautiful. In general I like to write about human relations, and I'm interested in the dark sides of human nature, but I also want to add light, hope and beauty to it. I don't like depressive or negative lyrics, that's not my style, not who I am. I seek a balance, something I feel most people can relate to in a way. 
​​​​​​​Who are your influences/inspirations? 
I'm inspired by many different styles of music, but mainly by the Millennium Turn alternative rock, late 90ties and following years. The early work of bands such as Muse, Radiohead's Okay Computer, Amnesiac.. Blonde Redhead. I love how they mixed rock with strange elements, and slightly psychedelic vibes. Just like in the late 60ties, early 70ties. I love how in those days, both around 1970 and 2000, there was not such a wide gap between pop/rock and experimental music. They mingled more, and this led to very creative and unusual rock music. And as said that's very important to me.
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