"Candid, shameless, and strangely accepting, Euphemia Rise revels in the darkness that we all fight, reaching out and letting us know that no matter how unassailable our situation might seem, we’re not alone."

New Single 'Your Sorority'
'Your Sorority' is an orchestral altpop song with a happy vibe, about two boys who use cannabis and explore kinky sex together, seeking liberation from the conventional opinions and homophobic attitudes of their peers.
Surely also check out the happy and uplifting video with two wonderful crazy girls :)
Hi, my name is Wim Lankriet. I'm a Belgian songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.
I started Euphemia Rise in 2020 with the ambition to bring innovative alternative rock that says no to industry formulas. That dares to be wayward, strange, unconventional. I want to make music that doesn't belong to one genre or scene, that you can't pin down with just one or two tags, that is open and free, and that can be lots of different things.
I also love to create outlandish videos, fuelled by my fascination for unconventional people, lgbtq, crossdressing, bisexuality, and all kinds of quirkiness.
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'Your Sorority' - 28 April 2022 - autorelease
'Born a Cow' (album) - 18 February 2022 - Epictronic
'Farewell to Greatness' (single - EP) - September 2021 - autorelease
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