"Candid, shameless, and strangely accepting, Euphemia Rise's debut album revels in the darkness that we all fight, reaching out and letting us know that no matter how unassailable our situation might seem, we’re not alone."

Debut album 'Born a Cow' out now! 
Born a Cow comprises eight songs about the seamy sides of life. The tracks are all quite short and without elaborate instrumentals. I wanted the songwriting, lyrics and emotion to be paramount.
The lyrics are about sensitive souls coping with the world around them, being (sexually) different and facing people's judgments - but also venture into darker subjects such as drug prostitution, sadomasochism, rape.
Hi, my name is Wim Lankriet. I'm a Belgian songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. My ambition with Euphemia Rise is to bring straightforward alternative rock with a focus on the songwriting, lyrics and emotion. I also love to create outlandish videos, mainly inspired by 60s and 90ties alternative flicks. 
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