"Euphemia Rise pushes the boundaries of alternative rock with tragically beautiful piano lines merging with experimental sounds and shadowy nostalgia in ‘Farewell to Greatness’. The multi-layered sounds of the track send you spiralling into terrifyingly beautiful atmospheres".
My name is Wim Lankriet. I'm a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Brussels, Belgium.
I started Euphemia Rise in March 2020. I love songwriting and I love alternative rock, altpop, but I'm also into cinematic music. So my ambition was to merge both into a contemporary alternative sound, and pair the songwriting and rock sound with more experimental influences. 
Read more about the project, background and influences in this interview.
debut ep
‘Farewell to Greatness' is my self-released debut EP. It features two tracks, the original title track Farewell to Greatness, and a cover of Pink Floyd’s ‘Cirrus Minor’.
'Farewell to Greatness' is inspired by memories of teenage years and student life. It's a song about seeking sexual identity, about the feeling of not fitting in. About finding your way in life, finding soulmates, people who accept you for what you are.
The second track 'Cirrus Minor' is a Pink Floyd cover, a darkly psychedelic folk track from the 'More' soundtrack. My version is quite true to the original, with personal touches via the use of piano, and an electronic remake of the cosmic organ finale.
I'm also a visual artist and I have been creating music videos for more than 10 years. So far I made two full videos and many Instagram snippets for Euphemia Rise. I frequently post snippets, experiments and works in progress on Instagram and YouTube - so thanks for following me there to stay posted.
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